Personal Note ~

We all become weary at some point on our journey.  God has a "way out" assigned for you ... whether its discovering PHYSICAL REST in a hideaway cabin facing the Red River Valley on Rapha Ridge, FINANCIAL RELIEF through an emergency food & clothing pantry or an emergency extended-stay, or REFRESHMENT with a good book and a cup of coffee at JahveHaus Coffee & Martus Bookstore, Healing Hand-Up Ministries is designed to create HEALING moments of REST & RESTORATION.  God promises to "draw near to those who draw near to Him".  He wants to meet your prayer need "exceedingly, abundantly above all we can think or imagine."  Each facet of Healing Hand-Up Ministries is about creating unique opportunities for God to meet you in an individualized way.  Our desire is or you to enter "moments" of REST, enabling you to re-group and catch your breath while God shows you what the next step will be.  Healing Hand-up Ministries will seek to lessen your immediate physical and financial needs so that you can focus on developing a stronger understanding of God's life-giving principles while seeking a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jehovah Rapha, God Our Healer.

Healing Hand-up Ministries through its rustic cabins, gourmet coffeehouse-bookstore, and outreach ministries has been designed to become a refuge of HEALING and HOPE for your continued journey.  As a "pay it forward" ministry, the goal is that once strengthened, you can lend another weary sojourner a healing hand-up.

- Randy & Cheryl Bland

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… extending a healing hand-up while equipping individuals for 
a life of worship, service and success in Christ. 

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